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Pitcairn testimonies preceded staking to date. But, as it applies to prayer walking, we have seen the following:

--4 prostitutes and 3 drug dealers were picked up by the Pittsburgh Crime division and kicked out of town within six weeks of prayer walking.

--A bar and hotel on the main street were closed down due to drug sales three weeks ago.

--an apartment building was put up for sale weeks ago due to pressure being put on the owner by the city to clean it up.

--a mini-mart was selling drug paraphernalia and a young man, ex-drug user, stood outside with a sign telling everyone about the stuff. The owner tried to remove him but he was on the street and not on his land. Five hours later the owner gave all of the junk to the young man and destroyed it. We were on Channel 11 Tv that night. It remains clean.

--It appears that another drug dealer has gone silent recently as well. No activity at his home.

You have to realize that this was done by defining the worst area for crime in Pitcairn. Pastor Bloice told me that it was a one by five block area and that is where we praying.




Wilkinsburg 2016

May 8 


While going to my car in the parking lot after service, their was a man parked in front of me that needed a jump. He said he had been at the service but stayed in the lobby and watched the service on the overhead. I asked him why he did not come in, he said he was a little afraid, but he ended receiving salvation in the parking lot.


September 2012


We first got approval from the borough council in Rankin to stake it out. We placed stakes at 6 entrance ways as we did in Pitcarin. On the stakes the scripture was, " thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven". We blew the Shofar for the solemn assembly as we did also in Pitcarin. We now have people prayer walking in Rankin praying the Mon Valley prayers for revival. Refer to staking above to get and understanding of it's importance.


 September 12, 2012


We gathered with another group to prayer walk Hawkins Village where there has been a number of disturbances. During the walk 4 people received salvation.

September 21, 2012

We will be starting 31 days of prayer and fasting for Rankin starting October 1. We are lifting our voices in one accord, please refer to the prayer link above to see how we will be praying. Also view the videos under training for prayer and fasting.

We will be doing this in all the boroughs and town in the Mon Valley. Next we are looking at the following places Homestead, McKeesport, and Duquesne. Through our united prayer we are going to change the atmosphere in the Mon. Every place we pray, we are believing God to take the police crime report to nothing. "DO YOU BELIEVE".

September 25, 2012

There has been a number of salvations in the last few months:

Mr. Rice

Young man named Terrence

Lady named Cathy

4 young woman in Hawkins Village 

Young man named Jim

These people have made a confession of Jesus Christ


October 26, 2012


We received a report from the police chief of Rankin that things have dramatically decreased since we have been praying .

Then a Christian who is around Hawkins Village, has said" it has been very quiet lately".

Just a side bar here, if you check out the prayer tab above and see how we have been praying for the Mon Valley, you will find a prayer for salvation. In this prayer we have asked our Father to send the laborers. Well He is doing it, at this very moment while typing this, saints are to be evangelizing in Rankin. " The prayers of the righteous availeth much".


November 13, 2012

We attended the Rankin Council, instructed by God, to ask them what is the most important project that they have to be completed? They told us the completion of the Carrie Furnace sight, which will bring jobs and revenue to the borough. At the closing the police chief asked us to pray for the town and the people.

Video on speaking in tongues Click Here

January 8, 2013

We attended the borough council meeting in Rankin. We asked them to began to pray the  Lord's prayer for Rankin. They agreed and we past out the following prayer:


May 2013

 We have started passing out the Ten Commandments and the Lord"s Prayer in Hawkins Village, Rankin. We do this door to door talking to people, when the opportunity arises we share the gospel of the Kingdom with them. We will continue to do this through out this summer.

So far 2 people have come into the Kingdom of God in the Vill.


September 2013

We set up a healing table during a community outing in Rankin, sponsored by the Rankin Christian Center. During that time 4 people received healing.

The first lady could not raise her left arm, after praying for her she was able to lift her arm above her head. She said she has not been able  to do that in years.


The second lady had problems with her ankle , we prayed, she got up and started dancing.


The third person was a friend of mine whom the Lord grew his leg out which was shorter than the other. The thing that was great, was that there were 5 Christian men who saw that. I was able to share with them that we are all called to do that outside of the building. I had no arguments because they had just seen the power of God in action.


The next person, I was asked if I would pray for her. She was having pain in her knees from arthritis, I prayed and she said they felt a little better. I prayed a second time and had her to get up and walk. She started walking and said the pain was gone. Than I looked at her and told her that God wanted her in His Kingdom. I asked her would she liked to come into His kingdom? She said yes. I explain the gospel of the kingdom to her and she accepted Christ. A week later I received a phone call about her dying. " Look at God". It is outside of the building(brick and mortar), because we are the building(Lively stones).

We have also been coming together for prayer training and evangelism. We plan on increasing this for 2014.


May 2015

Marvin added to the Kingdom, born from above.


June 2015

Hawkins Village. Lady name Kim received salvation and the Lord healed her.


August 2015

 Rankin community day, 8 added to the kingdom.


2 more people added into the kingdom, a 11 year old boy and a young lady.


April 2016

2 more added to the kingdom or can I say 9, pray the prayer of salvation with about 7 or 8 young girls. After we prayed the first time, one girl asked that we pray it again.


June 10

3 people added to the kingdom.


June 11

1 added to the kingdom and back healed.


July 8

1 added to the Kingdom


July 9

7 added to the Kingdom with the men from Emmanuel


July 16

2 added to the kingdom with the men from Emmanuel


July 27

3 more added to the kingdom with the woman from Emmanuel


July 29

3 more added to the kingdom, just amazing, just God.


Aug 20

9 year old added to the Kingdom


August 27

4 added to the kingdom with Emannuel Baptist Church






Pray This For Rankin 3 Times A Day



Our Father, which art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come.
Thy will be done in Rankin,
As it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive them that trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,

The power, and the glory,

For ever and ever.



Our goal is to eventually have every household in Rankin praying this prayer. There is going to be a mighty move of God in our town. Also the police chief  said it been very quiet since we started praying.






September 13 2012


We appeared in Homestead, Pa at the council meeting. We received the Ok to stake the town. No date has been set yet. We told the council that their crime sheet will get less because of the unified praying of the saints.


October 16, 2012


We stake Homestead today in a number of different places. We are now gathering intercessors to begin to pray for Homestead in unity as the body of Christ.  We plan to fast and pray for month of November as we were doing in Rankin.

January 2014:

Had a chance to minister to a friend , who grow up as a Jehovah witness, she received Christ.  Laid hands on her and prayed for the healing of throat cancer and deliverance , this cause some demonic manifestation.  Her body straighten out like a board while she was sitting, her head begin to move side to side, she began to cough a lot with saliva coming out.  It was later told to me she began sleep much better after this and her state of mind became much better.

She passed away about 4 months after that, but the Lord saved her. Praise the Lord.

The other thing that was great,   my daughter was present and she saw the power of God in action.


May 2015


We had our first Mon Valley Revival One Accord Meeting at the Holiday Inn Express on the Waterfront in Homestead, Pa. We had nine people attend, everybody seem to be agreement about what God's desire for the Mon Valley. Our goal is to agree and do what God is saying to do "Bring the Kingdom of God here on earth."At the close of the meeting we meet a couple whose daughter had ran away and John led us in  prayer as we prayed for the young lady.


July 2015

5 people gave their lives to Christ today in Homestead. The harvest is great and the laborer are few, we just pick today, it was easy. Believe this is the beginning of the end time harvest.


August 2015

Rankin community day, 8 people added to the kingdom



March 2016

1 added to the kingdom


Sept 25

1 added to the Kingdom


Oct 2

1 added to Kingdom and 3 baptized





 November 27, 2012 

Boy Thomas received Christ in the Save a Lot parking lot.


Sept-Nov 2013

 Two people led to Christ while I was doing my daily living and staying sensitive to the Holy Spirit.


April 2015

Mark and Amber added to the Kingdom, born from above.


May 2015

4 woman added to the Kingdom through Jesus Christ.

We are praying daily at 12 noon for Duquesne and the Mon Valley .


July 2015 

2 people added to the kingdom through Vince and Sonetta


August 2015-November 2015 


The Booth ministry is being used in Duquesne every Thursday from 12noon to 2pm. We have given out a large number of tracts and have seen about 5 people received into the Kingdom.


January 2016 

Young lady named Madison received Christ. Thought her name was unique.


February 2016  

2 more people added to the kingdom


March 2016

3 people added to the kingdom


March 12

4 more added to the kingdom, man leg was healed


March 17

3 more added to the kingdom


March 24 

 2 more added to the Kingdom


March 31

2 more added to the Kingdom. Lady healed of back pain.


April 7

2 more added to the kingdom. Word of knowledge for high blood pressure, and diabetes. Pray with 3 people whom had these conditions.


April 21

2 more added to the kingdom.


May 6


2 more added to the kingdom. Trying to get them water baptized


June 9

3 more people added to the kingdom of God                   


June 30 

1 added to the kingdom


July 7

1 added to the kingdom


July 14

 2 added to the kingdom


July 21

1 added to the kingdom


Aug 4

3 young boys added to the kingdom



Aug 11

1 added to the kingdom


Aug 15

1 added to the kingdom


Aug 18

1 added to the kingdom


Aug 25

1 added to the kingdom


Sept 29

1 added to the kingdom


Oct 13

1 added to the Kingdom

November 2016

2 added to the Kingdom



October 13, 2012:

Bill and Mike received Jesus, and we laid hands on them to receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit


January 6, 2013

Healing revival in the Church of Braddock 14 Moodie Street.  God confirming His word with signs and wonders. Three people legs grew out where one leg was shorter than the other. A man and woman received sight in their eyes. Sore and stiff shoulders were healed also. We were taught that God wants to take healing to the street and we are to be the agents.


May 2015

Four young women received Christ on Moodie street in Braddock.


June 2015 

 Lady healed of leg pain on Braddock Ave.  young lady with her received salvation.


July 2015 

The prayer booth ministry started in Braddock. 10 people have come into the kingdom and we are trying to get them in a fellowship in Braddock.


August 2015 

2 more added to the kingdom in Braddock.


August 8, 2015


Prayer booth at Braddock community day. Prayed for people.




New Hope fellowship, 6 people added to the kingdom.


Hell Video



December 15, 2012

We went door to door in Crawford village, sharing the gospel and healing the sick. A young lady named Monique Wright received Christ. Please keep her in your prayers.


July 2015

5 people came to Christ in Crawford Village through Nehemiah ministries.


August 2015

3 young folks made a confession of Jesus Christ


Aug 2016

4 added to the kingdom




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